To The Moon (short film)

Genre: Scifi, Drama

Status: In Development

In a world where Moon travel has been commercialised, an alienated 20-year-old Vietnamese girl in Scotland dreams of a new, meaningful life on the Moon; however, when she learns that the Moon is set to leave Earth’s orbit forever, she must learn to connect to the world she’s already in.

Director: Juulia Kalavainen
Screenwriter: Chinh Van Tran
Producer: Bjørn Hanson

In July 2020, the project was selected for Short Circuit’s Sharp Shorts development and funding scheme.

In 2021, it was shortlisted by the European Space Agency’s New World Script Competition.

In 2022, it participated in the Limburg Film Pitch Competition within the SHIFT Film Festival.

For further information, contact:
Bjørn Hanson (Producer), +44 7938 495277

To read the script, drop me a line at