Terminal Happiness (short film)

Genre: Sci-fi, drama

In a world where positivity is compulsory and cancer patients must go through Happy Therapy to learn how to be happy, an impressionable girl needs to choose between following the rules or embracing how she really feels.

Director: Eric Romero
Producer: Mauricio Tunaroza
Writer: Chinh Van Tran

Screenings & Awards:

  • Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest 2021 (Germany) – Best Drama Short
  • 47th Filmets Badalona Short Film Festival (Spain) – Best Badalona Short Film
  • PÖFF Shorts 2020 (Estonia) – Official Selection
  • EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2020 (Poland) – Official Selection Student Etudes Panorama
  • 41st VGIK International Student Festival (Russia) – Official Selection
  • Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival 2021 (USA) – Official Selection
  • Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival 2021 (USA) – Official Selection
  • Festival de cine de Cartagena 2021 (Spain) – Official Selection
  • Caminhos Festival Cinema 2021 (Portugal) – Official Selection
  • Vaughan Film Festival 2022 (Canada) – Official Selection
  • Scottish Short Film Festival 2022 (Scotland) – Official Selection

You can find the teaser for the short and the full script below.

This short film is also the basis of Be Happy, or Else!, a six-part mini-series currently in development about a world where positivity has become the rule.

To watch the full short film, drop me a line: vchinh.tr@gmail.com