Hi, I’m Chinh.

I wish I could sprint like a leopard or swim like a dolphin.

Alas, I’m only human. So I write, make films, and imagine what it’s like to be who I’m not.

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Old Miss (2024)

An old nanny must say goodbye to the little children she takes care of.

Unfamiliars (2022)

A family visit an empty apartment that once belonged to a dead loved one.

Terminal Happiness (2020)

In a world where positivity is the law, cancer patients must learn how to be happy.

Checkpoint (2019)

A lone soldier discovers an unexpected connection with a little girl.

Be Happy, or Else!

A dystopian near future where people try to deal with everyday misery in a world where only positivity is allowed.


The Guilt-Free Meat

Singapore became the first country in the world to serve meat-in-a-lab in their restaurants.

Transform Your World

A short exploration into the role of design in our everyday life to introduce RMIT University’s Bachelor of Design Studies.

The Oldest Tattoo Artist

At 103 years old, Whang-Od is the world’s oldest tattoo artist. But the way she makes tattoos is unlike anywhere else in the world.

This Is We

A story in 3 acts to introduce RMIT University’s Bachelor of Film & Video.

Chinh Tran

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