Be Happy, or Else! (mini-series)

Type: Mini-Series / In Development
Genre: Sci-fi, Drama

Synopsis: A dramatic satire set in a dystopian near future where people try to deal with everyday misery in a world where only positivity is allowed: A couple trying to prove they are qualified to take care of their own kid, an office worker keeping up happy productivity in a corporation, and a cancer patient in a happy facility to learn how to see her illness positively.

Ultimately, the cult of optimism is about the authority taking control of people’s feelings. The citizens must decide between fighting this toxic positivity and turning into outcasts, or becoming slaves of the system.

In September 2020, the project was selected to participate in the international pitching event SITGES PITCHBOX 2020 under the European Scripted Series category.

To read the script or look at the Bible, drop me a line, or contact my producer: