Nas Daily Videos (social media)

From 2020-2021 I was a Script Writer for Nas Daily to write scripts about amazing brands, humans, and causes all over the world. The Nas Daily page has 20 million followers worldwide, and our videos have gained an average of 5-10 Million views per video.

We reach out to individuals and groups who are championing social issues and make videos about them to give them a voice and bring their work to the world’s attention.

Here are some highlights of the work I have done for Nas Daily.

The Village With No Men – 15 Million Views
The story about a village in Kenya where only women can enter.

He Made A Floating Hotel Out Of Trash – 21 Million Views
The story about a French man who created a floating hotel in the Ivory Coast out of plastic bottles he collected on the coast.

World’s Oldest Tattoo Artist – 25 Million Views
The story about Whang Od, the world’s oldest tattoo artist at 103 years old who lives in a remote village in Buscalan and who uses the traditional technique of hand tapping to create her unique tattoos.

The Man Who Eats Chicken Feather – 15 Million Views
The story about a Thai scientist who figured out a way to make chicken meat out of chicken feathers.

He Has The World’s Best Beard – 21 Million Views
The story about MJ, who won the World’s Best Beard Championship and who is wellknown all over the world with his unique mustache.